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Our Story

Soft Rock Curling

As a product designer by day and a curler by night, Soft Rock Curling is the blend of my two passions. It all started with a desire to bring something handmade to my club's Christmas gift swap. Through some trial and error at the sewing machine I came up with a plush toy that looked like a curling stone. My unique stuffed stone drew some attention from fellow curlers. A few people thought is was almost the right size to be a hat and I was encouraged to make some modifications. One week later I walked into the warm room with a fleece curling hat on my head and Soft Rock Curling was born. The hats were an overnight hit at my home club and are now spreading worldwide.


Soft Rock Curling continues to evolve and grow. We strive to use the best materials to help our items last long and look great. You will find anti-pill fleece on our fuzzy items. The anti-pill has a nice soft pile and does a darn good job of keeping the little pill balls at bay. Our hats are super warm - ideal for skips or your first couple ends of sweeping until you get warmed up. We hope you enjoy your purchase.


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